Quality, Safety and Labour Health, Environment and Security

In TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. we understand that the quality, the safety and labour health, the environmental protection and the security, are aspects that cannot be separated, and that if we do not attend them simultaneously, it will be impossible to offer quality services to our clients.

In order to assure an attention in accordance with the requisites requested by our Clients and also by our Society, we have developed Systems for attending the referred aspects, that assure the mentioned requisites satisfaction, as much as the continuous improving of our services. Our naval and industrial repair and construction service is supported on a Quality Management System certified by The Lloyd´s Register of Shipping, accordingly to ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

We have developed, since 1997, a Safety and Labour Health Management System. It is mainly referred to specific procedures (hot works, confined spaces works, height works and works involving asbestos), as much as to the daily following up, and assures the participation in the continuous improvement, of the personnel at all the Organization levels. This participation fortifies the shared responsibility feeling concerning System attention.

TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. gives special importance to the security concerning people, goods and operations directly related with the activity of the shipyard and its clients. In accordance to said importance, it has obtained "The Port Facility Security Declaration" as per requested by "The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code" (ISPS Code). In order to implement this point, we have an around the clock watching system and a "Port Facility Security Officer" (PFSO) , who will advice you on further requests (specific watching, dangerous materials, and so on).