Guidelines and Policies


Quality Policy

1) TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. management has determined that the main factor for the developing of the company is its customer's satisfaction and the continuous search of new ones.

2) Also it is committed always to direct its activities and decisions towards the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a Quality Management System that comprise the company's relevant operational and administrative processes.

3) The prevention of errors, failures and delays should be an activity that involves all the company's members, whom should be competent and responsible for the quality of its work.

Safety, Labour Health and Environmental Policy

1) TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S. A. Management is committed with the protection of SAFETY, LABOUR HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT. Any damage or illness suffered by persons as a consequence of their work can and must be avoided, being this premise a responsibility of each member of the Company.

2) Our objective is to maintain under control the risks inherent to our activity without assuming those risks that are unnecessary.

3) We sustain that, as well as is the QUALITY, the SAFETY, LABOUR HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT are basic issues of our activity, this Management is fully committed to boost actions for its effective protection and request from all members of the Company a similar commitment.

4) All members of TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A., at any of its positions, must be responsible for minimising risks that may affect SAFETY, LABOUR HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT, attending rules created for the protection of the persons and its environment, participating actively in the spreading and application of the principles of prevention and understanding these responsibilities as a basic part of their jobs.

5) The above objectives would not be reached without the whole active participation of all, that is why TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. Management urge all of its Personnel, Suppliers and Clients to join to this purpose integrating to their way of life at any activity the principles of protection and prevention.

Security Police

TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. managements is committed to establish and maintain a general security system for the protection of people, cargoes, provisions and operations inside the Port Facilty and in the ship - port interface in any other area inside the port where the Shipyard renders its services, with its own personnel or with subcontractors, observing the laws and the rules established by the local authorities.


TSAKOS INDUSTRIAS NAVALES S.A. aims to remain as an internationally recognised shiprepair yard to be considered as the one that has the best relation between cost, quality and delivery time for its services in the regional area. To achieve this a continuous effort should be made in order to improve quality and productivity in all the areas of its activity. Thus, the company will consolidate a leadership position at the South Atlantic area, that will allow to grow and multiply the benefits received by its clients, shareholders, personnel and suppliers, as well as the society in general.


To sell competitive services fulfilling client's requirements in the following areas:

- Shiprepair in the international market (drydocking and afloat)
- Maritime, port and civil infrastructure works
- Industrial assembly, manufacture an repair